About us

For years we've been creating innovative delicious food with the gourmet group but one day, during a long and boring meeting, whilst we were tucking into our limp, damp, shop-bought, plastic-wrapped sandwiches we had an epiphany! We took the values that were core to our gourmet catering and loaded them into a fresh baguette, and then rolled them in a lovely wrap... and Platter Box was born!

We love coming up with new combos of healthy wraps, baguettes and salads, and see just how much freshness and flavour we can load into each one (before it spills out all over our hands!)... so why not put down that floppy tuna mayo, and come over to the Platter Box way of thinking?!

P.S. Our ingredients aren't collecting air miles for future summer holidays, so where possible we source all our ingredients from right on our doorstep. It's good for the growers, it's good for the freshness and flavour and it's good for the economy... everyone's a winner!